Update (August 27, 2020): Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul identified Rusten Sheskey as the officer who fired multiple shots at Jacob Blake while his three children watched.

According to HuffPost, on Wednesday, Kaul said Sheskey was the only officer to fire his weapon, even though video from the incident shows other officers on the scene of the shooting.

The other officers have not been identified but photos appear to show that Sheskey is white. Kaul told the press that his office would be releasing the names of the other officers involved in the incident “soon.” 

Since Sheskey shot Blake on Sunday, national outrage has erupted, protests have emerged and sports leagues have gone on strike, as Blavity previously reported.

Original (August 26, 2020): The sister of Jacob Blake, Letetra Widman gave a moving speech after police shot her brother seven times in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Sunday. 

"When you say the name Jacob Blake, make sure you say father, make sure you say cousin, make sure you say son, make sure you say uncle, but most importantly, make sure you say, human. Human life," Widman said at a press conference on Tuesday. "Let it marinate in your mouth, in your minds. A human life."

According to his dad, the 29-year-old Black father of three is now paralyzed, as Blavity previously reported.

"Just like every single one of y'all and every, we're human," Widman said. "His life matters. So many people have reached out to me telling me they're sorry that this happened to my family. Well, don't be sorry 'cause this has been happening to my family for a long time."

Blake was about to go inside his SUV to check on his children when officers followed him on the sidewalk and opened fire. Police said they were responding to "a reported domestic incident." According to witnesses, however, Blake was trying to break up a fight before officers arrived.

"Longer than I can account for. It happened to Emmett Till. Emmett Till is my family. Philando, Mike Brown, Sandra, this has been happening to my family, and I've shared tears for every single one of these people that it's happened to," the grieving sister said. "This is nothing new."

The shooting of Blake is one of many incidents of police brutality which has led to nationwide protests in recent months. 

"I'm not sad. I'm not sorry. I'm angry. And I'm tired," Widman said. "I haven't cried one time. I stopped crying years ago. I am numb. I have been watching police murder people that look like me for years. I'm also a Black history minor." 

Video on social media showed demonstrators damaging the Kenosha courthouse over the weekend. 

Outraged protesters also came together in in Lafayette, Louisiana after officers fatally shot Trayford Pellerin on Friday. As Blavity previously reported, Pellerin was shot outside of a convenience store on Friday evening when police responded to a "disturbance involving a person armed with a knife." 

The Louisiana State Police said officers found the 31-year-old in the store's parking lot, but he walked away and they shot him as he tried to enter the shop.

Widman demanded change when she spoke to reporters.

"Not only have I been watching it in the 30 years that I've been on this planet, but I've been watching it for years before we were even alive," she said. "I'm not sad, I don't want your pity. I want change."

According to CNN, Blake's three sisters, his father and his mother also spoke at Tuesday's press conference. 

"They shot my son seven times, seven times. Like he didn't matter. But my son matters," his father, Jacob Blake, Sr., said. "He's a human being and he matters."

Another one of Blake's sisters, Zietha Blake, said her brother's "kids are his world."

"But not only that, his family is his world," she said. "He's upset because we're hurt, we're upset. He doesn't even care about himself. He's more so worried about us."

Blake's mother, Julia Jackson, said she is praying for both the country and her son to heal.

"Citizens, police officers, firemen, clergy, politicians, do Jacob justice on this level and examine your hearts," Jackson said. "We need healing."

The mother also condemned violent protests.

"We are the United States, have we been united?" she said. "America is great when we behave greatly."