These Jaheim hair memes and tweets are out of did we get here?

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| October 21 2016,

12:51 am

Today was supposed to be my day off.

Exclusive image of me when I woke up on this Friday, thinking that I had nothing to do.

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But, I saw Jaheim trending and knew I needed to investigate why.

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When I took a peek at the shenanigans, I realized my day was over before it even started.

Exhibit A.

Photo: @officialjaheim / Twitter
Photo: @officialjaheim / Twitter

Clearly, Jaheim has been using some sort of wave cap with bionic powers to make his hair lay like a newborn.

Because, honestly. Truly. Jaheim experienced a major glowup in the last 30 days.

I spoke too soon.

The Breakfast Club

Jaheim became the latest subject of entertainment.

And he quickly caught wind that he was talk of the airwaves..and soon to be social media.

Things quickly escalated on IG.


And of course, Charlamagne does what he is notoriously known for..adding fuel to the fire.

But it was far too late. The Internet won this round.

I even spotted one of my writers in the mix with a tune of encouragement

Alas, my quiet day off can now resume.

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