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The 2022 Winter Olympics are just getting started in Beijing, and Jamaica's national bobsled team was overly excited to be appearing at the games for the first time in over 20 years. In a new video, the team can be seen dancing in their rooms as they prepared to make their debut, telling the world "Wi ready!" on Twitter

Jamaica's bobsled team hasn't competed in the Olympic Winter Games since 1988 with the legendary team that inspired the Disney film Cool Runnings. While it's been quite some time since the world has seen Jamaica's team compete at this level, one of the members promised PBS News Hour there will be more to come.

“This won’t be our last Olympics, and there won’t be a next 24 years span for us to qualify again,” Nimroy Turgott, the team’s bobsled brakeman, said, adding that he finds inspiration in his daughter to keep pushing. “To me, this is an opportunity to show the world what I can do and provide a better life for [my daughter] because I wouldn’t want her to grow up in the struggle that I grew up in."