James Harden has teamed with Adidas Basketball on a new, innovative project: a film titled Uno that unpacks the Los Angeles Clippers guard playing basketball in his latest shoe collaboration with the brand, the Harden Volume 8. 

The film was shot at Harden’s high school, Artesia High School, in Lakewood, California. The movie gets its name from Harden’s life motto, “under no one,” and gives viewers an inside look into Harden’s personal life and his perspective. He reflects on the ups and downs of his 15-year career and how he’s fought off negative energy and come out on top. 

“UNO means number 1, but also means ‘Under No One.’ We feel like we are the biggest, we don’t put ourselves under anyone. We are very respectful, but we carry ourselves with a different swagger and confidence than a lot of people,” Harden said in a statement.

Producer and scriptwriter Kenneth Wynn produced the film. Louisville rapper EST Gee appears via voice note in Uno. At the top of the film, he asks, “Who’s really the villain? I apologize if I don’t meet your expectations, but you know people pleasing ain’t ever been my strong suit. I thought you knew.”

Sports Illustrated reported that Adidas dropped the Harden Volume 8 in February, nine years after the basketball player signed a multi-year deal with the brand. The shoe is as futuristic as it is practical for everyday and in-game use, which has continued to define Harden’s partnership with Adidas. 

“Whether it’s my movements to what I’m doing or how I approach in life, you know what I mean, I think you take all of that and put it into a sneaker,” Harden said in an interview with Jalal Enayah and Andrew Parks for Adidas. 

The two-chapter film will be available to view in its entirety on Adidas’ YouTube channel.