Just when we presumptuously thought Michelle Obama's cameo during Sunday's 61st Annual Grammy Awards would be the night's most magical moment, Janelle Monáe's performance reminded all of us why she's one of the most talented artists in music.

The Kansas City native performed her hit single "Make Me Feel" while donning a futuristic latex ensemble. Monáe took to the stage, which was engulfed in purple and pink lights, with guitar in tow. Toward the end, she was surrounded by trumpeters before thanking her fanbase, who she refers to as "dirty computers."

The performance had us "yasss"-ing all throughout, especially when Monáe and her back-up dancers all hit the iconic Michael Jackson move. 

After watching the rendition we didn't know we needed, Twitter erupted in pure delight, as well, noting that visually she gave us all Prince vibes but simultaneously managed to pay homage to the King of Pop in the best way possible.

Monáe is nominated for two Grammys this year, including artist of the year. 

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