Janelle Monáe Tearfully Reacts To Having Been Nominated For A Grammy As A 'Young, Black, Queer Woman In America'

This is for all the dirty computers of the world.

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| December 07 2018,

7:52 pm

Janelle Monáe was overcome with emotion when she found out she earned a Grammy nomination for Dirty Computer.

The artist's third album is nominated for album of the year, and Monáe received the good news during an interview with CBS This Morning, according to HuffPost.

When host Norah O’Donnell asked the singer how she felt, Monáe dedicated the honor to people who are shunned by society.

"This album is so much bigger than me. It’s not about me, it’s about a community of dirty computers, of marginalized voices. Being a young Black queer woman in America, there was something I had to say,” Monáe responded.

“And there was a group of people that I wanted to celebrate, and I’m happy to be representing them," she said. "I hope they feel seen; I hope they feel heard; I hope they feel loved, and I hope they feel celebrated.”

The “Make Me Feel” singer further explained her motivation to create the album.

“It’s about a community of voices that I hear and see when I look out in the crowd,” she explained. “You know there’s something going on in this country. And there are a lot of people’s voices being pushed to the margins of society because of who they love and what God they choose to serve.”

Dirty Computer was considered a major transition for Monáe, who was famously evasive when asked about her sexuality. Before coming out, she used her android persona as a shield. She said she's happy her journey has helped others.

“I wasn't looking forward to people trying to figure out how much of this is my real life,” she told Billboard. “But, for the most part, I’m happy that people have felt more comfortable being who they are as a result of reading about me walking in my truth.”

Monáe also received a music video of the year nod for album track "Pynk."

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