Blue Ivy and JAY-Z enjoyed a night out together in San Francisco as the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics 109-94 in game five of the NBA finals Monday.

A now-viral video of HOV and Blue Ivy at the game has circulated, making fans swoon at the resemblance between the 10-year-old and her mother, Beyoncé. For years Blue has been her father’s twin, but the world now sees how Blue is growing into herself and resembling her mother.

In the video, the father-daughter duo matched in all-black outfits sitting courtside— JAY-Z wore a black short-sleeved tee and joggers with white sneakers, while Blue Ivy sealed the twinning look in a black leather jacket, black sweatpants, black and white sneakers, and silver hoop earrings.

HOV hugged his preteen daughter while throwing up a peace sign, only to be received by some slight resistance as Blue Ivy attempted to brush him off.

Eventually, he kissed Blue on the cheek for the entire arena to see–It was comical to witness Blue Ivy brush off her dad’s affection for protecting her curly hairstyle.

“Dad, my hair,” Blue Ivy whispers to Jay-Z as he tries to embarrass her on camera with love as all dads do.

The curly hair-do resembles a classic Beyoncé era which has pulled on the heartstrings of many fans who have watched Blue grow up.

According to E! after the game, Jay-z took Blue by the locker rooms to meet Steph Curry.

On Twitter, one user tweeted, “To us: Jay Z, the all time rap legend To Blue Ivy: embarrassing dad.”

Another user tweeted, “NAW! I know damn well that ain’t Blue Ivy!!!” shocked by how fast time and Blue Ivy have grown.

Other users were concerned for Blue Ivy’s safety because the preteen had been ridiculed and made fun of for her beautiful Black traits.

“seeing Blue Ivy go viral so much makes me nervous. I know Beyoncé is going to do everything in her power to keep her safe, but she has been subject to mass judgment since she’s been in the womb. Growing up with this many eyes on you can be extremely challenging,” a Twitter user tweeted.

NBA Finals game 6 will air on Jun. 16.