Sports journalist and media personality Jemele Hill is known for openly sharing her thoughts on topics and sparking discussion on and offline. She recently took to social media and weighed in on Offset‘s now-viral interview with podcaster Bobbi Althoff.

On Monday, Althoff shared a clip from the upcoming episode of The Really Good Podcast featuring the Migos rapper. The 26-year-old host typically interviews rappers to learn more about them. However, Offset turned the tables this time and asked Althoff questions, including what she does for a living, The Shade Room reported. 

She told the Georgia native she conducts these interviews because she wants “to get to know them.” When asked why she wanted to interview Offset, the podcaster insinuated that she wasn’t particularly interested in his life. Instead, she said the rapper’s “team reached out to mine.”


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Offset didn’t believe Althoff’s response and said she was flexing for Instagram. She then doubled down on her remarks, saying she “honestly” didn’t know how the interview with the “Clout” artist “came about.”

The clip has since circulated on social media, with Hill being the latest critic of the interview. According to Hip Hop Wired, she shared her thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter, and explained why she believes “hip-hop journalism has been practically erased.”

“I don’t find these types of interviews particularly enjoyable or interesting,” Hill tweeted. “Instead it just sadly points out how real hip hop journalism has been practically erased. Some of the media teams behind these artists aren’t interested in them sitting down with credible people who know how to tell stories and do quality interviews. Then they wonder why an artist’s real story goes untold, neglected or that artist is misunderstood.”

Her tweet garnered responses on the social platform, with one user pointing out that Offset’s team scheduled the interview to help the rapper gain more exposure in his career.

Hill then responded, stating that Offset didn’t need an interview with Althoff for exposure because he could sit down for an interview with anyone.

What are your thoughts on Offset’s sit-down with Bobbi Althoff?