Jennifer Lopez is under scrutiny after her performance during the American Music Awards on Sunday for similarities to a 2014 Beyoncé Grammys appearance. 

The critics pointed to several familiar sights as the duo performed their hits, "Pa' Ti" and "Lonely."

Part of the criticism was targeted towards Lopez's outfit, a black body suit which resembled what Beyoncé wore when she sang "Drunk In Love" at the Grammys. The 51-year-old singer also faced criticism for familiar-looking dance moves and stage lighting as well as her short, wet-looking hairstyle.

Although Beyoncé's performance featured more elaborate lighting effects, including heavy use of flashing lights and smoke, Lopez's act also showcased some of the same ideas. In a similar manner as Beyoncé, the pop singer also pulled out a chair to perform her dance moves, some of which, including the part where she seductively tilted her head to face the crowd, drew comparison to Beyoncé's 2014 performance.