Joanne the Scammer fakes a Rihanna & Drake project in what may be her biggest scam yet

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| August 31 2016,

01:30 am

If you thought Joanne the Scammer had reached new scamming heights when she crashed last weekend's MTV Video Music Awards, think again. Everyone's favorite viral superstar is it again, and this time, Drake and Rihanna fell victim! Tuesday afternoon, a mysterious website, appeared online. The internet went into a frenzy with many people thinking the countdown clock on the site was referencing an upcoming music project from the duo

' ' ' ' However, sources soon revealed to numerous outlets that the site was fake

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Soon enough, the countdown and OvO signage was replaced with a video of the iconic Joanne, portrayed by Branden Miller. The news was first figured out by New York Magazine, who realized that the site was from Super Deluxe, a comedy site that Miller frequently collaborates with

In the video on the site, Joanne berates Drizzy for not acknowledging her at the VMAs, and admits the website is a hoax

Honestly, truly....Joanne, you got us.

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