Jordan Peele Kills The #GetOutChallenge And Makes Big Announcements On 'The Tonight Show'

He's making moves, winning hearts and producing the next generation of talent.

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| May 29 2017,

7:56 pm

What can’t Jordan Peele do?

Last night on The Tonight Show, we learned that he can do just about anything.

He can run well — and in a nice suit — we found out, as he completed a fairly flawless Get Out challenge to a predictably wonderful Roots backing soundtrack.

He can choose a spouse well — Jimmy Fallon was quick to congratulate him on putting a ring on Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and Big Fat Quiz champion Chelsea Peretti.

He can have a baby well — Peretti once casually mentioned how wonderful their love life is on the aforementioned Quiz; but it turns out, he can announce said baby even better. 

“We are brewing together a comedy legend,” Peele told Fallon, who looked at him confused, before the Get Out writer and director clarified, “Within her.”

For those still unclear, Peele made it explicit, “We’re having a kid!” 

So funny is Peele, Fallon reminded us, that he can make Questlove laugh just by being. You know that Quest spit-take gif? Yeah, it was a young Jordan Peele that made him spit out his water. Photo: NBC

So now we’ve got running, marrying, babymaking and Questlove cracking up to add to the list of "Things Jordan Peele Excels At," but what else has he got? 

Well, turns out he doesn’t just direct well, he produces well.

He’s onboard Tracy Morgan’s new TBS show, which will see Morgan as a newly released convict returning to his beloved Brooklyn only to find it a bland, gentrified wasteland circling what Awkwafina famously called “that mess Jay Z call a stadium.” 

Check out the antics above, and the other part of Peele’s conversation with Fallon below, where the two delve into the inspiration behind Get Out.