The ReidOut host Joy Reid bashed Capitol Police on her MSNBC show Wednesday night for their hapless response to Trump-supported domestic terrorists, comparing their actions to the harsh, violent response police had to peaceful protests over racism in the summer of 2020. 

“I guarantee you if that was a Black Lives Matter protest in D.C., there would already be people shackled, arrested or dead. Shackled, arrested en masse or dead,” Reid said.

She then went on to reference activists who have previously been mistreated by police during protests. 

"Get Brittany Packnett Cunningham on here. She'll tell you how they treated her in Ferguson. Put Alicia Garza on here. She'll tell you how they treated her at every Black Lives Matter march," the veteran journalist continued. "Get Patrisse Cullors on, they'll tell you what it feels like to protest peacefully and unarmed and how the police will treat you if they're Black." 

“White Americans are never afraid of the cops, even when they’re committing insurrection and engaged in attempting to occupy our Capitol to steal the votes of people who look like me because in their minds they own this country, they own that Capitol," the host added. 

There was global outrage over what happened on Capitol Hill Wednesday, when President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and other senior Republican officials took to the stage to whip up hundreds of their armed supporters into a violent frenzy.

After the speeches, the crowd marched to Capitol Hill and proceeded to attack Congress, planting bombs, attacking police and destroying the building. 

Even as the domestic terrorists attacked police, multiple videos show officers either taking selfies with the rioters or outright letting them into the building, raising questions about why police would simply allow a violent, heavily armed mob onto the floors of Congress, as Blavity previously reported

“In their mind, they own the cops. The cops work for them, and people like me have no damn right to try to elect a president. Because we don’t get to pick the president. They get to pick the president. They own the president. They own the White House," Reid said. "They own this country.”

Wednesday's images were a stark contrast to the videos seen after the killing of George Floyd when peaceful protesters were met with heavily armed police officers eager to dole out violence across the country.