Reminiscent to last year's outfit choice, Singer Joy Villa chose the Grammys to make yet another political statement with her outfit. 

First of all, if you're wondering who Joy Villa is, she's a 26-year-old singer/songwriter and an avid Trump supporter. At the 2017 Grammy Awards, people caught wind of the artist because of her "Make America Great Again"  flag dress. This year, she turned heads once again by choosing to wear a pro-life outfit complete with a painted fetus on her dress and a "choose life" purse. 

"I'm a pro-life woman. This year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet like I always do," she told Fox News. "I'm all about life."

Her outfit choice springs from her choice to give a baby up for adoption when she was 21, saying she supports adoption over abortion. 

Some are saying this is just Villa's way of gaining attention rather than actually making a statement, while others are calling her a fraud.

Villa stands by her fashion statements, seeing them as "patriotic."

"I am looking forward to seeing Americans... [feeling patriotic] again," she said. "I'm glad that conservative values are back at the forefront as a pro-life woman."