Rapper Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” has topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week after hurdling over Justin Bieber’s attempt to feign American streaming numbers for his new single “Yummy," as Mashable reports

Bieber, in a now-deleted post, asked international fans to stream his single through a virtual private network (VPN) set to America to help push it to debut in the top spot.

Ricch, a 21-year-old Compton rapper is hailed for having a sound that blends musical elements from different regions. Ricch highlights his summers in Chicago and Atlanta as influential experiences in defining his style and questions why he should "limit [him]self to a certain sound, just because of where [he's] from." The artist added the East Coast vs. West Coast feud has long been over in his interview with Rolling Stone.

Ricch often tells of the harsh circumstances of his upbringing in Compton, California, one of the nation's most dangerous cities, and mentions that a gun charge at 18 years old motivated him to take rap seriously. Since then, he’s been consistently bringing melodic features to hard-hitting records including "Ballin" with DJ Mustard and "Splash Warning" on Meek Mill's Championship album.

The musician, whose real name is Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr, began his ascent into stardom after dropping the 2018 viral dedication piece “Die Young." The song was recorded on June 18, 2018, moments after Ricch learned of the violent killing oof Florida rapper XXXTentacion.

“I watch TV when I record in the studio and I saw the report,” Ricch told an MTV reporter. “I muted it and spilled out how I felt about it in the moment.”

The impassioned track got the attention of some of hip-hop's biggest stars, including Mill and the late Nipsey Hussle. Hussle, who was gunned down in front of his Los Angeles business center, featured Ricch on his Grammy-nominated single “Racks In The Middle,” which went on to achieve Platinum status, as So Hip-Hop reports.

Ricch's hit "The Box" was released December 2019 on his debut album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial and grew in popularity on social media apps like TikTok. Bieber released "Yummy," his first single in three years on January 3. Bieber clearly wanted to debut as the first number one song of the decade since he started a TikTok account that day and took to his other social media accounts to convince his international fans to falsify their location while streaming.

Twitter got a hold of the con and began handing him several seats.

Even with the Russia-esque ruse to claim that introductory decade top spot, Ricch's project garnered a whopping 97,000 units through streaming and claimed the honor.

Ricch even took a moment to send some promo Bieber's way.

Bieber congratulated Ricch on his first number one song. 

Close but no cigar, Biebs.