Kahya Callender  is no stranger to bright lights. The 24 year-old entrepreneur and student has been paying dues in the fashion and styling industry –  interning and working with successful d designers, fashion bloggers and image consultants across Canada. This past summer, Callendar made the decision to venture off on her own path and created her custom jewelry line, Krown Jewels.

I caught up with her to talk about her vision, how she got started, and where she’s trying to go. Read below to see her beautiful creations!


Tell Blavity a little bit more about yourself, who you are and your background in jewelry design and fashion.

I moved to Toronto when I was 18 after living in the Caribbean for 8 years. At that point, I didn’t really have a clear  vision or plan for what I wanted to do, but I have always been the creative type. I’ve always been intrigued by creative processes and being inspired by something so simple and being able to translate it into something tangible. My background in jewelry design and fashion wasn’t really conventional or through school, but came mostly through interning. While trying to ‘set up shop’ and create a life for myself in Toronto, I needed a creative outlet and started approaching local designers to intern for them. I started out interning in production and later expanded to design. My intern experience has been a journey of several years and has included working with designers, blogs and an image consulting company so I could get a feel for all aspects of the industry.  Jewelry design, in specific, is fairly new to me, I got into it about 2 years ago and launched Krown Jewels this summer.


What inspired you to create the Krown Jewels line? How did you find your niche? 

Well, I actually started off sewing. So, New Year’s 2013 I wanted to create my whole outfit from scratch. I made this long sleeve open back black dress and needed jewelry to go with it. I went to a couple craft stores and picked up a whole ton of beads, buttons and chains. I made some rings, a hand chain, bracelets and this chain belt—that’s really where Krown Jewels began. After that, I began experimenting more with jewelry and it became a great hobby and creative outlet. The more I experimented with it, the more I found my niche and design aesthetic. I’ve always been infatuated with the symbolism behind the color gold, and since that is the medium I work with most, it was only fitting to call my line Krown Jewels.  I think you know when you have found your niche when you realize that your passion resides in the process and not just the finished product.


When did you know it was the right time to launch your company?

For me, “the right” time comes when my passion for something in particular is at its peak—that is when I’m the most ready and willing. I think 

How do you balance school life, a part time job, and your side hustle? 

Since moving to Toronto, I’ve always had to balance and juggle school, work, interning and my side projects. The biggest challenge that also doubles up as a solution for me is time management! While multitasking is important, it is even more important that I allocate a specific amount of time for each task on my plate. That way I can be thorough, and complete each task at 100%. It’s all still a work in progress for me but my goal when it comes to balancing is to avoid being a jack of all trades and master of none!


What has been your favorite piece or concept to design thus far, and why?

My favorite concept would probably the collection I launched within the summer. The collection is called ‘Virtues of a Golden Girl’ and was inspired by the phenomenal women in my life and my love for the gold and bold jewelry of the 80s & 90s hip-hop scene.


If you could design jewelry for any celebrity, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you creative for them?

Sounds cliché because she is definitely an it girl but – Rihanna! I love the way she is literally always dressed in jewels. I would love to make her a set of rings and some blinged out body chains.


To check out Kahya’s jewelry, please visit her website and online store Krown Jewels and don’t forget to follow @krownjewels on Instagram.  You can also keep up with Kahya herself through her personal accounts, @kahyamc_ on Instagram and Twitter.

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