Vice President Kamala Harris finally spilled the tea on her hair-care routine, and we have Keke Palmer to thank.

According to People, she did so while appearing on Keke Palmer’s podcast Baby, This Is Keke Palmer. Harris joined the special episode, which was filmed in the White House, to discuss the maternal health crisis. Early in their conversation, Palmer went on a tangent and asked Harris about her ‘do.


“Question number one,” the multi-hypenate said. “How many times a month do you get a silk press?”

Harris chuckled and obliged.

“So you know, I don’t use a curling iron,” she responded, which made Palmer’s jaw drop. “It’s too much heat, I use a round brush.”


Palmer, puzzled, wanted more information.

“Now what kind of magical round brush?” she asked. “Your hair must be super fine, Madame VP.”

To Palmer’s surprised, Harris said that isn’t the case.

“No, it’s not,” she said. “It takes a while. A boar-bristle… it takes a lot of heat. But it’s too much heat to do that and do [a curling iron].”

Palmer predicted news of Harris’ hair-care routine would spark a frenzy on social media.

“Girl, you have us shook on the internet,” she said, still stunned. “You and Queen Latifah are going neck-and-neck with the silk presses.”

Palmer was right. The internet loved their nontraditional interview, and praised the “Waiting” singer for asking Harris diverse questions.

One Twitter user exclaimed, “keke palmer asking kamala harris about her silk press is my kind of journalism!!”

Keke Palmer asking Vice President Kamala Harris about her silk press is more culturally relevant than anything Sam Levinson has ever made,” another chimed in. 

One viewer said Palmer’s beauty question had them “hollering.”

While another said the episode was “the most significant thing to happen in my life this week.”

New episodes of Baby, This Is Keke Palmer come out every Tuesday.