Karamo Brown tells Last Meals host Chef Josh Scherer how he feels he’s secretly best friends with Beyoncé.

In the exclusive clip from the upcoming May 11 episode featured below, Brown tells Scherer how he and the singer actually grew up in the same neighborhood, which leads him to believe that they must have been friends in childhood at one point.

“So, Beyoncé and I are only a year apart. We grew up in the same neighborhood…so I believe that from year three to eight, we went to the same playground and we hung together and we hung out and I pushed her on the swing and we played in the sandbox,” he said, adding, “…Do I sound like a super-nutty fan?”

“I just think that we’ve hung together and we know each other and that one day she’s going to see me and she’s gonna be like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re the kid from the playground!'” he continued. “We were in the same neighborhood. We grew up in the same neighborhood, maybe five minutes away from each other. How is it not possible that we weren’t at a playground together?”

In other parts of the episode, Brown also talks about how he feels the world should be run by women because of women’s ability to be naturally collaborative. He also revealed that the teams behind his self-titled talk show and Queer Eye are comprised mostly of women. Brown also gave advice on experiencing constant growth throughout life, saying that a person’s purpose at 25 years of age will change as they age.

Last Meals is part of the Mythical Kitchen YouTube channel, which has 2.25 million subscribers. Scherer interviews celebrities and notables and asks them the intense question of if they were to die tomorrow, what would they want their last meal to be. They then eat and discuss life topics, making for some eye-opening interviews.