Michelle Li, a St. Louis news anchor, received a voicemail from a “Karen” after she mentioned traditional meals Koreans eat to celebrate New Year’s Day, Today reports.

Li, who works for NBC affiliate KSDK, mentioned her cultural traditions during a news segment, saying, "I ate dumpling soup, that's what a lot of Korean people do.”

However, Li’s words were attacked by a viewer who was offended. The news anchor took to Twitter on New Year's Day and posted a video with the caption "I’d love to say something back” as the voicemail played for her followers. The clip garnered 3.4 million views on the social platform.

"Hi, this evening your Asian anchor mentioned something about being Asian and Asian people eat dumplings on New Year's Day,” the unidentified viewer said after placing a call to the station. "I kind of take offense to that because what if one of your white anchors said well white people eat this on New Year's Day?"

"I don't think it was appropriate that she said that and she's being very Asian and I don't know … [Michelle Li] can keep her Korean to herself," she added.

During the segment, Li spoke about select dishes and it's representation for good fortune leading into the new year.

Despite the incident, Li did receive kind comments from viewers. One commenter said, "I can hear it now, 'I'm not racist, I have plenty of Asian friends. They just need to keep it to themselves.'"

Li said that since returning back to the Midwest, she's taken note of the current political and social climate surrounding race and culture. 

"I mean, there are people who are getting assaulted and worse," she said, referencing the rise of attacks against Asian people in the U.S. last year.

"So, I, you know, I am fully aware that like, this is little, you know, but I think if you have the audacity to really feel that way and call in and make the effort to call in … like, [the viewer] made the effort to find the number and call in, you know? She really wanted to be heard," Li said.