From a perfectly seasoned leg of lamb to a crispy Brussels sprouts dish her sister likened to potato chips, it seemed safe to assume Bottoms knew how to throw down in the kitchen.

That is until it came to the Black family staple: mac and cheese. The dish missed the mark with the online community after the first-term mayor innocently shared a macaroni and cheese platter with her more than 52,000 followers. Seeing as some regard the Southern food staple as a more important dish than the meat platter, Twitter wasted no time telling Mayor Bottoms her mac and cheese looked dry.

One user opted to compliment the mother of four on her counters and cabinets.

Another commenter shared his mac and cheese dish, complete with a bubbly coating of cheese.
A Florida A&M alum advised her fellow Rattler to destroy any online evidence of her tweet.

One fan noticed a trend with Mayor Bottoms, comparing the mac and cheese uproar to last year's #GumboWars.

This isn't the first time Mayor Bottoms has showcased her questionable cooking skills. Last Christmas, her gumbo was cause for concern. Fans weren't sold on using a box mix to achieve the classic seafood flavor. 

Bottoms noticed the shade early on and informed the "shady [non-cooking] crew" of a crucial final step before serving.

Thankfully, Mayor Bottoms has a light-hearted sense of humor. She called the experience the funniest moment of her whole year.

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