Keke Palmer has plenty of meme-able moments, and she decided to take a trip down memory lane during an episode of Wired’s Autocomplete Interview. Answering a series of questions, the actress was asked to explain the “Keke Palmer meme.”

Palmer, however, couldn’t pick just one.

“Thanks to my internet peeps, they have made a couple of them,” she said.

The Hollywood star noted her famous “But the Gag Is” line, which first started on Snapchat. Speaking with Seth Meyers in 2016, Palmer said “the gag” means “it’s the catch” or “the one thing.”

Palmer also reflected on the famous meme that was created when she interviewed Megan Thee Stallion during the Met Gala in 2021.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. I know it ain’t the Stallion,” the actress said at the time.

Then there’s Palmer’s unforgettable “I don’t know who this man is” line, which went viral when the actress failed to recognize Dick Cheney’s photo.

Palmer also recalled the meme she inspired after appearing on the Hot Ones series and trying some spicy wings.

“Ooh this one got a little sweetness to it,” Palmer said on the show.

Speaking about her hometown, Robbins, Illinois, during the feature for Wired, the Nope star said, “The town was so poor, for years they didn’t have sidewalks, we were just walking in the mud.”

The Hollywood star said she always tells people she’s from Chicago because “don’t nobody know where Robbins is.”

“Now, it’s time to rep Robbins,” Palmer added. “Let people know.”

Speaking to people who have been wondering if Palmer has ever been in a sorority, the actress said no because “it’s a little bit political.”

“I don’t know if I can roll with it. I might end up slapping the hell out of one of my sisters,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s for me.”

Palmer also looked back at the time when people thought she was dead.

“I remember the first time I got killed on Twitter,” she said. “When Twitter was first created, they were killing everybody… Keke Palmer is alive. Thank gosh.”

The Illinois native was amused when she realized that people are also wondering how Palmer got discovered.

“Somebody Googled that? Wow, OK. Mama’s getting hot on the net,” she said.

Speaking about her look-alike, Palmer said people have been telling her she resembles Angela Bassett. The 28-year-old then showed off some of her best impersonations of Bassett.

The actress also set the record straight about her name.

“My real name is Lauren,” she said. “My full name is Lauren Keyana Palmer. … My sister had an imaginary friend named Keke and that’s how I got the nickname. And that’s what informed my full name. My mom thought I needed a name that sounded real chill so I can get a job and I ended up going by Keke Palmer anyway.”

Answering questions about her first movie, Palmer said she first starred in Barbershop 2, playing as Queen Latifah’s niece. The Hollywood star also spoke about her first Emmy Award, which she earned after turning an Instagram sketch into a short series titled Keke Palmer’s Turnt Up with the Taylors.