Kevin Durant is silencing trolls on the internet as usual. Durant’s latest clapback came after a Twitter user randomly dragged the superstar’s name in a tweet while lamenting about his own dismal life.

“Car wouldn’t start this morning, get to work late and our internet is down. Lol. I love this s**t,” the troll wrote. “Unlike @KDTrey5 I actually enjoy taking the hardest road…it’s basically just problem solving practice.”

Durant, of course, didn’t let the hater get away easy.

“U enjoy having a sh**ty car and getting to work and not being able to connect to the internet?” he wrote in response.

Durant’s supporters have now joined the party to roast the troll.

Durant, known for his skills on the court,  has also built a strong reputation for putting trolls in their place on the internet.

Some of Durant’s most interesting comebacks may have come from his burner account.

The Brooklyn star confirmed the rumors about his burner account when he appeared on The Corp podcast with Alex Rodriguez, NBC Sports reports.

“I still have burners that I use for sure,” the NBA all-star said on the podcast in 2020. “I have a burner Twitter account still. When people use that burner thing against me they only thought I was on there just to talk s**t. I was really indulging in a lot of different communities on my burners. When I deleted it, I was like ‘These people really made me delete what I enjoy, which is my burner account.’ So, I got another one.”