When you think New York Fashion Week, the first thing that comes to mind most likely isn't little black girls. However, don't sleep because for the second year in a row, the babies are killing it. 

11-year-old Kheris Rogers became one of the youngest designers to showcase during NYFW. 

Rogers' fashion line "Flexin' In My Complexion" came about after she was bullied for her beautiful dark skin. Even noting that on one occasion, a teacher handed her a black crayon to draw herself. Instead of letting the pain and resentment of people's nasty words and actions fester, she decided to embrace her skin. Now the fashion line that was a product of resilience has been featured at NYFW.

Rogers joins the ranks of another young fashion designer who was featured at NYFW last year. 10-year-old Egypt “Ify” Ufele debuted her plus size fashion line during Fashion Week back in 2016. Ify started her fashion line to cope with bullies who taunted her about her weight at her school in the Queens borough of New York. What began as making clothes for her dolls turned into her own line of clothing, called Chubiiline. She became a trailblazer as possibly the only child designer to dress plus-size models at one of the world's most prestigious fashion shows.

Sewing for a cause. #bullychasers. Taste the Sweet.

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It's amazing to see two young queens making something beautiful out of something as ugly as bullying. There's no doubt that we will be seeing more from these lovely ladies. Their future is looking bright with the light of black girl magic shining through. 

Great job, continue to make your people proud!

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