In a series of videos posted to Instagram, Kodi Gaines, the 5-year-old son of Korryn Gaines, recounts the moments before the police officers shot both him and his mother, who has died from wounds sustained in the shooting.

On Monday, police officers arrived at Gaines home to serve arrest warrants warrants to Gaines and an unidentified man who also lived there. After knocking and receiving no response, officers opened the door to find Gaines sitting on her couch with a gun in one hand and her son in the other.

Kodi, who is recovering from being shot in the arm, re-called the entire incident moment by moment.

“The police kicked the door down, and then my mom — I was hiding, I was hiding in the closet and then my mother — I was hiding in the closet and then Korryn was hiding in the door,” Kodi remembered. “So my mama didn’t want me to come out. So I come out and then I had my camera…”

“My mother said, ‘Back off’ and then…she then said, ‘Back up.’ So the police said, ‘Please back up,’ and then they started shooting.”

His account goes on to detail how his mother fell onto the couch after being shot by the officers.

Watch all three videos below:


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