There is a $1,000 reward being offered in an investigation after a video went viral, showing a Tesla being airborne in Los Angeles.

San Diego’s Fox 5 reports the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has confirmed an individual in a rented 2018 Tesla Model S, performed the stunt near Baxter and Alvarado streets around midnight, Sunday.

The Tesla is seen heading toward an intersection at a high rate of speed when it suddenly catches air and falls hard on its front wheels. It is reported that the vehicle later collided with several trash cans and two parked cars. The driver of the car would flee the scene, abandoning the car.

Video footage posted to social media by Ben Baller showed the stunt from different angles. In several tweets, the jeweler and podcast host shared that he was initially invited to co-host the event but was glad that he didn’t attend.

“My boy had a Tesla rally last night,” Baller said. “I was supposed to co-host. Glad I didn’t go. I’m old and washed now. These kids today are wild”

He proceeded to tweet two other videos of the stunt, garnering over 15K and 10K likes, respectively.

He also shared that his friend, YouTuber Alex Choi, had created a Twitter account and would be sharing the entire story on his YouTube channel, noting that he wasn’t the driver.

“My boy @lifeofalexchoi just created a Twitter account 2 min ago,” he tweeted. “He will post the full story on his YouTube soon. HE WAS NOT DRIVING!”

He has since changed his profile picture to a screenshot of the car in midair.

According to Fox 11 in Los Angeles, LAPD found the vehicle left without a license plate. However, investigators said 90% of the tips report TikTok user @dominyas was behind the wheel during the incident.

Based on public postings on his account, LAPD considers the TikToker, a person of interest. The other 10% of tips are from people who say two Instagram users witnessed the incident.

TikTok user dominykas seemingly confirms his part of the stunt in three separate videos; responding to a commenter, a news article on the incident, and sharing a clip of a LA news outlet reporting the story.

@dominykas just got this last week too smh… 😅 got me too zooted #tesla #marchmadness ♬ original sound – DurteDom

While the LAPD says they are no longer looking for tips, they hope anyone who witnessed the incident will come forward.