Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan’s relationship has social media talking. If it’s not their 16-year age difference that has raised eyebrows, it’s their weird degrees of separation. 

The 48-year-old Real Housewives of Miami star and 32-year-old former UCF Knights player spoke with E! News about how they handle the haters regarding their relationship. 

Pippen ignores the critics and focuses on the love she and Jordan get. “People just want to see you happy and there’s just a few people who are just miserable,” she said. “They just wanna have some negative input on things.”

She added, “But I think overall, I feel like people that know us, love us, want us to be happy.”

During their interview promoting their new podcast, Separation Anxiety, with Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan, they addressed the elephant in the room: their age difference. Jordan said the 16-year gap isn’t an issue to them because he is an “old soul traditionally,” and Pippin is a “young soul.”

“I just feel like we meet somewhere in the middle,” he said. “Age is just a number, but I think maturity and life experience really dictate the relationship.”

Pippen echoed his response, adding they share several common interests. “Everything we do, we have in common,” she said. “We like the same things, we like to go to the same places. I feel like for us, it’s very natural to be with each other. I don’t really see the age part of it.”

Age isn’t the only obstacle that the couple has overcome. They often are accosted with questions about how their prior connection plays a part in their relationship. Pippen is the ex-wife of former NBA player Scottie Pippen, who played alongside Jordan’s father, Michael Jordan, for over 10 seasons on the Chicago Bulls.

When asked how they deal with assumptions, Jordan said, “I let people that are misinformed be misinformed.”

He added, “I feel like people see our last names and immediately want to have some sort of reaction or opinion. But I feel like as people get to know us and understand our situations more, they’re way more happy for us and just want to see us to live in our truths and be happy.”

Pippen has been pretty quiet about her relationship with Jordan’s parents. Blavity previously covered her appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, where she was asked how the basketball icon felt about their connection. “I recently have been hanging out with them,” Pippen said. “I don’t really wanna talk about them. It’s not about my parents or his parents.”

The speculation around their relationship began in September 2022 when the two were spotted out together. The mother of three would deny they were a couple and declared they were “just friends.” A few months later, the two confirmed their relationship with a picture on Instagram together enjoying the “California breeze.”

Jordan told E! News, “I think early on, we were a little more cautious and just trying to tiptoe because we didn’t know what the reception would be.” He added, “Honestly, it was happening so fast, and maybe even faster than we thought. We were just friends early on, and it kind of snowballed into this committed relationship.”

In an interview with People, Pippen admitted she had feelings for Jordan after another woman attempted to speak with him and found herself “getting jealous over it.”

Check out Pippen and Jordan’s full interview with E! News below: