NYPD police union attorneys claimed Eric Garner's poor health and obesity killed him during the fatal 2014 police encounter. 

Lawyers representing Officer Daniel Pantaleo said the 43-year-old's weight was the main cause for his death. During an administrative hearing last week, lead attorney Stuart London made the disrespectful claim to shift blame away from Pantaleo's chokehold responsible for killing the deceased family man.   

“He died from being morbidly obese,” London said. “He was a ticking time bomb that resisted arrest. If he was put in a bear hug, it would have been the same outcome.”

According to The Washington Post, the remarks came during a week-long hearing to determine if Pantaleo should be fired for his actions five years ago.

Garner died due to a "chokehold" compressing airflow to his throat and chest. The act caused the victim to suffer an asthma attack resulting in his death. Police encountered Garner July 17, 2014, in Staten Island for reportedly selling loose cigarettes. Even though the incident was captured on video, Pantaleo was not convicted. 

The disgraced officer was put on desk duty in the years since Garner's death. Local prosecutors are a major factor as to why Pantaleo is able to evade actual repercussions.

New York Magazine's The Intelligencer notes prosecutors were reluctant to charge him with any crime. Even a civil-rights case against the officer was held up due to various disagreements between federal and local prosecutors and the FBI.

If the hearing concludes and officials find Pantaleo used the outlawed chokehold, the officer may be terminated.