Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always wanted to have a chalkboard in my house. There’s just something about making a grocery list and writing chores on a chalkboard that’s quick, creative and as versatile as I need my lists to be. If you’re looking to do some inexpensive remodeling or upcycling of appliances you already have, here’s one easy way to do so.

What you’ll need:

Chalkboard paint

Foam paint roller

Paint pan

Angled paint brush

Painter’s tape

Screwdriver (you might need to remove the door handle)

A rag (to clean up any messes)


1. Unplug the fridge and remove its door handles if you’d like.

2. Wipe down the fridge with the rag. You want to be sure to remove any excess gunk. Let it dry before you begin painting.

3. If there are any parts you don’t want painted, now is the time to tape those parts off.

Photo: The Handmade Home

4. Pour your paint into a paint pan

5. Dip the foam roller into paint and begin to paint the fridge.

6. Let the first coat dry completely before doing the second.


The final result…

fridge with chalkboard paint
Photo: The Handmade Home

Pretty easy, right? Enjoy your totally revamped and extremely helpful appliance!

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