The Internet had a good laugh on Thursday when Lil Nas X responded to a homophobic insult from Tekashi69 by reminding the rapper that he was previously in his DMs.

The funny fracas started when Tekashi69, now a year removed from being released from prison, shared an article on Instagram titled, "China Makes COVID-19 Anal Swabs Mandatory for Foreigners." 

Tekashi69, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, added the caption, “Lil Nas X has entered the chat” to the now-deleted post.

The insult is one of many offensive insults related to his sexual orientation that the rapper has encountered since sharing he is gay, as Blavity previously reported.

But, as he is known to do, Lil Nas X responded in the best way he knows how.

The "Old Town Road" rapper shared a video of himself next to a screenshot of his direct messages on Instagram where Hernandez can be seen messaging him.

“Gonna be in your city soon, what ya doing lol?” Hernandez wrote with a smiley face.

The response elicited a lot of laughs and jokes at Hernandez's expense. 

Some people online wondered who else has been sliding in Lil Nas X's DMs. 

DL celebrities unsending their dms to Lil Nas

— Tsun @ (@tsuntsunyume) March 4, 2021

Hernandez tried to respond to the revelation by claiming it was fake, but many noted that in his video, Lil Nas X was the first thing in his search bar.

Why is lil Nas the top search and why did Tekashi forget to delete the “accept message from lil nas x" notif after getting rid of the evidence?

If anything, this shows Tekashi BEEN in Lil Nas X dms

— Maya ???? (@ScaryCute13) March 5, 2021

For many, the incident was a simple reminder that Lil Nas X is not someone to be messed with.