Lil Uzi Vert’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd was hospitalized over the weekend after the rapper allegedly assaulted her with a gun, TMZ reports. On Friday, Byrd filed a police report following the incident.

According to the report, Uzi confronted Byrd who was dining at the Dialog Cafe in West Hollywood. She was discussing a business project with SAINt JHN and director Jeymes Samuel. Uzi and Jhn then got into a physical altercation when the rapper fell to the ground and his gun fell out of his pants. Byrd then approached Uzi before he struck her in the face and pushed the gun into her stomach.

After the incident, Uzi left the scene and Byrd went to the hospital to receive medical care.

Upon leaving the hospital and receiving medical attention, Byrd went to the police station at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s department to file an official police report.

Byrd’s manager, Brianna, gave a different account of the events, The Shade Room reports. According to Brianna, Uzi intended to confront Byrd, not Jhn. Soon afterward, Uzi punched Byrd several times before exiting the establishment. 

“Uzi has been stalking Brittany since they broke up,” Brianna said. “Uzi is toxic and mentally and physically abusive. He has been for years.” 

Since Uzi and Byrd’s break-up in 2016, the two have been involved in some heated exchanges on social media, Yahoo reports. In May, Byrd accused Uzi of being physically abusive with current girlfriend JT of The City Girls.

“I saw you get three-pieced like a person in a Mayweather fight and asking for a hotel room and a safe environment and it just didn’t make me feel good to see that,” Byrd said in an Instagram post at the time. “It made me feel sorry for the girl who thinks abuse is okay.”

Uzi nor Jhn has yet to publicly comment on the incident.