Rapper Lil' Yachty is back in his bag with new music. The artist released a music video for his new song titled "Oprah's Bank Account" featuring heavy hitter Drake and rising North Carolina rapper, DaBaby on Monday.

Playing on the title of the song, the 22-year-old dressed as Oprah Winfrey while on a mock set of the mogul's long-running television talk show. 

The video, which was directed by Director X, opens up to a live audience chanting "Boprah" as the Georgia native walks out in an Oprah-esque outfit, Pitchfork reports. His first guest, Drake, walks on stage to jokingly make fun of himself without his signature beard after Yachty inquired about him deciding to finally pierce his ears at 33.

"I look at pictures of myself without a beard and I shutter," Drake said. "Not sure how I went through life really functioning like that. And I think you know that was a big change for me, and the ears were just the next step."

Drake, who has glowed up since the release of his mixtape So Far Gone, bragged about finally reaching his full LSC — light skin capability. 

"I just feel like the combination has allowed me to arrive at the peak of the [LSC] mountain, you know?" the Toronto rapper said. "I'm up there on the Mount Lightmore."

The video then pokes fun of Winfrey's home interviews, as Lil' Yachty sits down to talk with DaBaby. The two joke about the Charlotte native's "Let's Go" adlib on his songs and blending his songs to sound like one ongoing track.

"Now when you say 'let's go' where are we going?" Lil' Yachty inquired.

"It always depends on where I'm coming from. I could be going to your b***h crib. I could be going to the bank," DaBaby answered. 

Although Drake and DaBaby were both featured on the song, Lil' Yachty said he originally reached out to Lizzo to hop on the track, but she never got back to him, Uproxx reports.

“It’s so crazy because I originally wanted to put Lizzo on it,” he said. “I sent it to her, and I don’t want to say she didn’t like it, because she never got back to me on it, which was cool. I understand people are busy."

The rapper then went on to explain how he got both Drake and DaBaby on the track. 

"I posted a snippet on my finsta. Drake follows my finsta, which is crazy. And he was like, 'Yo, this is dope,' which blew my mind. Of course, that’s the homie, but him showing love like that, [was cool]. Then he [told me to] send it through. I didn’t know he was serious, but he got on it,” he said.

“DaBaby, he had a meet and greet in Atlanta, and I went. I didn’t necessarily know he was going to like this song or want to get on it. I didn’t play it for him and he hadn’t heard it. But I hung out with him for three or four hours there, and I was like, ‘You want to go to the studio?’ He came and I played it, and he loved it,” he added.

The song is expected to be on Lil' Yachty's upcoming album which he says "is done" and "coming very soon."