Grammy-winning singer Lizzo recorded a heartwarming mother-daughter moment after she played her new song "Special" for her mom, HuffPost reports.

The clip shows Lizzo sharing her music with her mother, Shari Johnson-Jefferson, while sitting in the front of the car, jamming out and smiling.

"Here’s the full snippet,” she wrote. “This is the first time I played new music for my momma — I was nervous to post this!”

“But just know: if the ones you love support you — THATS ALL U NEED,” Lizzo wrote in her caption. “It’s been a long journey YALL… but I think it’s about that time.”

Lizzo initially hinted at the moment Thursday on Twitter when she wrote, “I’ve always wanted to make my momma proud.”

The empowering song affirms what’s “special” about everyone, especially Lizzo’s fan base.

“In case nobody told you yet…you’re special,” Lizzo sings in the song. “Keep going, I’m proud of you.”

Cardi B retweeted the sweet moment and responded, "I love this." 

Always promoting self-love, in January Lizzo danced to the City Girls' "Rodeo" TikTok challenge while sharing a message of body positivity, as Blavity previously reported.