Lizzo is the belle of every ball she attends these days, dazzling fans with chic red carpet looks and instantly viral performances. 

But her very tiny, and very expensive, handbag caught the eye of Instagram and Twitter at the American Music Awards on Sunday night. Before the night was over, the handbag would even have its own Twitter account. 

Lizzo hit the red carpet in a dazzling orange Valentino dress, but nobody could take their eyes off of the itsy bitsy handbag.

In a red carpet interview, Lizzo claimed she could fit more than you'd think inside the minibag.

"I got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, condoms," the hit songstress joked with two of the show's hosts.

On Instagram, she said, "@maisonvalentino bag big enough for my f**ks to give. Big body b***h in a Valentin-HO custom look for @amas."

Later on Twitter, she retweeted dozens of hilarious memes and responses to her bag, which can run at some stores for up to $300.

She even asked for fans to meme her outfit too.

The 31-year-old singer said there are only three of the bags ever made, but the mini purse has been a hot trend in the fashion world this year, according to Elle. They ranked it as the fourth-hottest fashion product available in 2019.

Lizzo stans were also floored by her stunning performance of the heartbreaking ballad "Jerome," which is on her now Grammy-nominated album Cuz I Love You.

After the show, she winded down with a bag of Hot Cheetos during an "after-party."

This was her first live performance of "Jerome," and the song is sure to shoot up the charts now that people are replaying her astounding performance over and over.