Whether you're going through a tough breakup or in the middle of a season of breakthrough, there's a Lizzo anthem to match your mood. We're halfway through 2019, and the Detroit native's rise keeps growing, even landing the approval of fellow songstress Rihanna. Lizzo's latest music video for her 2018 single "Boys" is further proof of just how blessed we are to be witnesses of her success.

Part of the song's popularity is the catchy lyrics, which serves as an ode to the many types of men the 31-year-old fancies.

"I like big boys, itty bitty boys, Mississippi boys, inner-city boys," the song goes. "I like the pretty boys with the bow tie, get your nails did, let it blow dry. I like a big beard, I like a clean face, I don’t discriminate, come and get a taste," it continues, describing a wide variety of attractive features. Basically, this Queen does not discriminate. 

It wasn't long before "Boys" received the meme treatment, with various users on Twitter using the lyrics as a metaphor for other things. This quickly got the "Juice" crooner's attention. Click into the tweets to see the foolery. 

Ask and you shall receive, sis.

As presidents:

As dogs (a.k.a., "Good Boys"): As... Drake? As Oscar-nominated actor Jonah Hill: Finally, as characters from the Marvel Cinema Universe (MCU): All of these deserve a chef's kiss because it's further proof of how ingenious millennials truly are. From showing her allegiance to the LGBTQ community to honoring the late Nipsey Hussle months back, Lizzo is so unapologetically herself that it's easy to see why her personality attracts such a diverse and creative fanbase. To echo one of her Lizzbians: Peep the complete visuals for "Boys" below.