Lizzo brought her killer vocals, dance moves and coveted big girl energy to perform her latest album's lead single, "Juice," on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it was super lit.

The singer-songwriter appeared on the late night talk show to promote her third solo album, Cuz I Love You, which was released Friday.

Performing at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles, the talented flautist showed the world exactly what big girl energy is made of. She started the show with some Black girl truths. She satin a chair with a red party cup while one of her dancers braided her hair and installed a long, black ponytail. In true Black girl fashion, she did this all without missing a beat or chopping a vocal.

Accompanied by four plus-size dancers flaunting gold knocker earrings, colored braids and super long nails, Lizzo and her crew owned the stage. The charismatic performance of the self-love anthem did not disappoint.

The Minneapolis artist repped for the West Coast and Nipsey Hussle by rocking exclusive Crenshaw jerseys from his Marathon Clothing store. She ended the show with a Black power fist.

"Juice" was originally released on January 4 and has been creeping up the charts ever since. More recently, its Drag Race-inspired music video has propelled the song forward, featuring famed alumni of the series.

Check out some reactions below, and watch the juicy performance.

We have a superstar in our midst. Please act accordingly.

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