nullMenelik Shabazz can legitimately claim that he has "been at the forefront of Contemporary British Cinema for over 30 years."

Filmmaker ("The Story of Lovers Rock," "Burning an Illusion"), producer, magazine publisher (Black Filmmakers Magazine – BFM), educator and film festival organizer Shabazz has been on the cutting edge of not just black cinema, but of world cinema, for decades.

And now, with his latest film, "Looking for Love," which world premiered at the BFM International Film Festival last week, he takes an unexpected turn and looks at the subject of "black love" and "black relationships" among the younger generation.

"Looking for Love" uses a blend of interviews, music and performance poetry to discuss relationships and loneliness.

When he took to Indiegogo last fall to raise completion funds for the film, Shabazz shared that he felt (and still does feel) that it’s important to get the film made and released, since he believes that it will be part of a "movement, a social shift that is transforming, empowering and healing communities.”

And we need that today, more-so than ever.

Immediately following last week’s world premiere at the BFM, Shabazz explained how the film was funded and what viewers from all communities can learn from its themes. The discussion was chaired by Joy Francis, executive director of Words of Colour Productions.