Kevin Gates appeared on the Off the Record podcast Thursday and said that rapper Lil Durk is a Muslim and that he’s related to the artist.

“Me and Durk is related,” Kevin Gates said during the interview. “He don’t feel no kind of way about how I move. He Muslim, I’m Muslim.”

The host, DJ Akademiks, was surprised to hear Gates’ statement.

“Durk Muslim?” he asked.

Gates then added a little more clarification.

“Yeah, he’s Muslim. His daddy is Muslim also,” the artist said. “Beautiful brother.”

Social media users, however, aren’t buying Gates’ comments.

While its’ not clear if Gates is related to Lil Durk, the “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper has made references to his faith publicly.

“I want Allah to forgive me for a grave sin of associating myself as equivalent to Him in my last interview I’m taking back that statement,” Lil Durk tweeted in 2016.

Gates made several other head-turning comments during the interview with DJ Akademiks, including starting a car battery with only prayer.

As the host continued to question the rapper’s comment, Gates said “may God murder my children” if he was lying.

The artist also shamelessly gloated about his sexual fantasies. Gates took the opportunity to talk about women when DJ Akademiks specifically asked him to address the sexually explicit comments he made about Rubi Rose in his “Super General” track.

“Rubi Rose, I can’t wait to have your feet facing my ceilin’/ With my tongue deep in yo’ ass while I kiss all on yo’ kitty/ Put that d**k deep in yo’ back and make you c*m all on this missile/ Put yo’ hands behind yo’ back and smack yo’ ass, I’m in yo’ kidneys,” Gates said in the song, according to HipHopDX.

Speaking with DJ Akademiks, Gates doubled down on his words, saying he was just saying what other guys are afraid to say when they see a beautiful woman.

The rapper also said during the interview that he is not Black.

“What continent do Black people come from?” Gates said.

He then refuted DJ Akademiks when the host said Black people come from Africa.

“Africans come from Africa,” he said. “We’re different shades of Brown.”