Kassidy Parnell is a senior at Tara High School, part of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. She recently made headlines for the whopping amount of scholarship awards and college acceptances she received.

Parnell, who boasts an impressive 4.1 GPA and is the valedictorian of her class, has specifically received about $4.5 million in total scholarship offers. 

Additionally, she has no shortage of institutions to choose from, as this young scholar has been accepted into a staggering 106 different universities.

Some of the many institutions Parnell was accepted into include Southern University, Oklahoma State, Dillard University, Kent State, Xavier University, and the University of Kansas. It's also worth noting that she received a total of 4 full-ride offers and 13 Presidential Scholarships.

Scholarship amounts vary between schools, but Parnell's father, who keeps track of her offers with a massive spreadsheet, says some universities have offered upward of $150,000.

"This girl is a hard worker, loyal friend, organized, witty and makes good decisions. She loves to learn new things. If she doesn't know something, she will look it up and remember everything about it," said Parnell's parents.

"She is not afraid to explore new horizons and takes pride in her school and the work she does," they added. "She really makes our job easy as parents."

Parnell, dual-enrolled at her high school and Baton Rouge Community College, specifically has a passion for computer science and cybersecurity. However, it's currently unclear if she's planning on majoring in this area, as she's also passionate about English and reading.

As she's narrowing down her choices, Parnell will be busy touring different institutions to help her make a fully informed decision. Resultingly, it's safe to say that this teen will have her hands full (in the best way possible, though) up until it's time for her to commit to a university!