Delvantae King recently went viral on social media for jumping on his daughter’s school bus in her defense and threatening a group of children who were bullying her.

On Tuesday, the Louisville, Kentucky, father spoke with WAVE News in an interview, apologizing for his actions and behavior. In the video, King discusses what transpired between the children and his daughter, and he also addresses the issues he’s previously encountered in hopes of finding a resolution.

According to the publication, the same child has bullied King’s daughter since last year and notifying the school and the child’s parents has gotten him nowhere.

On the third day of the new school year, his daughter was already experiencing bullying. This time, several kids jumped King’s daughter on the school bus. The concerned father said that his 9-yr old child coming home with an injury on her head was the last straw.

To him, it seemed like the parents were not talking to their kids about bullying, and since it kept happening with no mediation, his emotions got the best of him, and he didn’t know what else to do. King apologized to the bus driver, JCPS, Carter Elementary School, the parents and the children.

“I could have said different things, but I let my emotions and frustrations and anger show the best of me,” he said. “I’m pretty sure with anybody with kids they would too.”


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In the viral Instagram video from Friday’s occurrence, you see King standing in front of the bus, sharply criticizing the children sitting at the back of the bus.  He appears to be speaking directly to the young girl who allegedly hit his daughter, warning her not to touch his child again.

He then focuses on the others on the bus, telling them that he will “flip the bus” if anyone goes near his child.


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A letter sent to the parents of Carter Elementary on Friday, by the school’s principal notes that students saw King display a gun while following the school bus. In the full interview with Wave News, King also aims to set the record straight, explaining he does not have guns.

“I don’t have guns.  I don’t follow school buses.  I don’t wave guns at kids, at children,” King said.

He also mentions people tearing down his character and making him out to be a monster when all he is doing is being a father worried about his child.

“I don’t physically wanna harm nobody.  I’m not here to do that, but verbally, vocally, Imma say what’s gotta be said, so you understand to leave my child alone,” King told Wave News with regret.


To show how sincere he was, King expressed he wanted to do something special for the children on the bus.

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