What can I say, we’ve lost a lot. If you went on Twitter this week or stumbled across news of a feud between rappers Pusha T. and Drake, you may have thought, “Who cares? Who is Pusha T? This doesn’t affect me”. But, unfortunately, in battle there are casualties. And this rap battle is being played like chess with people’s careers.

Seriously, there’s some Game of Thrones and Scandal level politics happening here. Careers are in danger. Between Drake’s temper, Pusha’s promises and the now established precedent of back to back diss tracks, chances are, the bloodshed will continue. Look below for people who may be affected by the continuing storm. (Hint: Tay Tay and Queen Bey, not safe)

Lil’ Wayne and Baby

Is the floor sinking, or is that me?

                                                                                         Photo: Giphy

Pusha T. keeps mentioning “three hearses”, presumably one for Drake, Lil’ Wayne and Baby. Given Cash Money’s history of not paying artists, Weezy’s own history of silence and sometimes compliant with the questionable royalty system, and the current status of their careers (renowned, but not as popular), we could lose these two to nostalgia and slow career fade.

Meek Mill

Damn son, first jail, now this?

                                                                                       Photo: MakeAGif

Pusha T. is getting deep intel from somewhere. My suspicions, Meek Mill. Much like Pusha, he has a long history of beef with Drake, and unlike Pusha, he had a direct source to the rapper’s personal life and information. I suspect Drake will think about this too, and with Meek already mentioned on the album that started this, things could get a little hairy for the rapper.

Meek’s public perception took a major hit after his feud with Drake, and after a straight bogus stint in prison, Meek’s career is looking positive again. Another scathing track from Drake could hurt the rapper’s reviving fanbase.

Nicki Minaj

She was so brave.

                                                                                             Photo: Giphy

We all know that Nicki Minaj lost her life February of last year, in a brutal beef incident with Remy Ma, as yet uncharged for the violent assault. If you notice Nicki being traded out more and more for Cardi B, it’s no coincidence that the pattern happened soon after Nicki’s black fan base started drifting away from the body.

And Nicki’s still not safe. She’s besties with Drizzy, and as we’ve learned from The Story of Adidon, friends are allies, and allies are not safe. Not to worry, Nicki likely won’t take any direct hits, but watch out for nails in the coffin.

Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce, and anyone who’s ever KNOWN anyone who’s wronged Drake

Haha. The cash will cushion the blows.

                                                                                                Photo: Giphy

Kanye’s already been brought into this beef. Drake is mad, ya’ll. Like, he’s lit. Pusha T. has taken swings at his pride, ruined the unveiling of his secret love child, talked about his mother. Sandy, ya’ll. He talked about Sandy. Drake seems to be, let’s just say, a bit perturbed.

It’s likely that with the inevitable upcoming response, Drizzy will unleash secrets TMZ could only dream of about any friend he feels has threatened him. That means Jay-Z's Tidal accusations, the elevator incident, and other Jay/Bey marriage dirt. Kanye’s debt, Republicanism, and drug problems. Blue Ivy’s bedwetting. Literally, Drake’s dad is already dragging Wendy Williams. WENDY WILLIAMS! No one’s safe ya’ll.

I mean, they’re fine. They’re all very very rich. But still. Keep an eye out for extreme tea. ????

Taylor Swift. Again.

Tay Tay gone hafta cut somebody?

                                                                                                Photo: Giphy

DAYUM, again? Maybe. Being from the streets, Pusha T’s never been a fan of Drake’s popstar lifestyle. Drake’s good friends with Taylor. In fact, the two have been rumored to be dating, something neither of their fanbases would be too happy about. Add to the mix Taylor’s feud with Kanye, which resulted in the words “Your career is over” spray painted on her house, and Tay Tay may take a hit or two here. Our prayers she is swift to dodge the bullets.

Drake and Pusha T.

This is the eeeend. Hold your breath and count to ten.

                                                                                              Photo: Giphy

Pusha T. has said repeatedly that he’s ready to sacrifice his career and Drake’s to this feud, and with his newfound business savvy as President of GOOD Music, he’s laid a trap that Drake is falling into perfectly.

Drake’s pride won’t allow him not to respond, and every time he does, Pusha T. will take a hit at his career. In the first song, he threatened Drake’s actual money, revealed hard to digest secrets to Drake’s fan base, and proclaimed multiple times that this is the beginning of a summer-long strategic reveal of information on the rapper.

Pusha T.’s rap career can take the hit, Drake’s in bigger danger there. But with public opinion turning against Pusha T’s lack of boundaries, his corporate job could also be in danger. We could lose them both. But…

Our Sense of Decency

                                                                                               Photo: Giphy

R.I.P. for now. All we know is, for anyone who loves dirt. It’s going DOWN this summer. Stay informed, you all. May those you love remain safe. ????

Prediction: Look out for a midnight drop.