This makeup challenge encourages everyone to support black-owned makeup brands

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| August 05 2016,

10:30 am

YouTube beauty vloggers Alyssa Forever and Alissa Ashley started a unique challenge to support #BlackLivesMatter and Black Businesses at the same time. Their challenge, the BOMB (black-owned makeup brands) challenge, urges people to purchase beauty products from black-owned beauty brands. Another beauty guru, Jackie Aina, took the challenge one step further. Aina thought it would be a good idea to directly ask non-black YouTubers to do the same. In her video titled "Calling ALL Non-Black YouTubers! New Makeup Challenge!," Aina challenged her peers to only use black-owned makeup brands in their videos

In the video, Aina also addresses a concern about the beauty industry — vloggers shy away from using black-owned makeup brands for no particular reason at all

The challenge is simple. Although it takes a little more digging to find black-owned makeup brands than many major retailers, they're out there. And they're making great products.

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