Malika Andrews, the host of NBA Today, was seen during a recent broadcast intensely listening to her sister, NBA reporter Kendra Andrews, analyze Draymond Green’s performance in the NBA playoffs.

“Now Draymond understands that he has to play with a certain level of mindfulness throughout the rest of the playoffs, right? He can’t pick up much more flagrant points, or else it can result in a suspension,” Kendra said. “But Malika, we all know that Draymond wears his reputation like a badge of honor, and he said, ‘I will not take any bite out of the way that I play because then we are going to go home early and any of those flagrant points there are not going to matter anymore.”

As Kendra wrapped up her report, Malika remained laser-focused on her sister, making an odd observation.

“But is that my watch?” she carefully inspected Kendra’s wrist. “Yep, that’s my watch.”

The two engaged in an adorable disagreement on air, with a shocked Kendra asking, “How would I’ve taken your watch?”

Kendra later tweeted in her defense that Malika had gifted her the watch.

Beyond the adorable on-air sisterly quarrels, Malika and Kendra share a beautiful sisterhood.
At the beginning of the year, when Glamour magazine asked Malika how she felt about her younger sister, Kendra, interviewing at the company she works for, she replied, “I didn’t lose any sleep over it.”
“I’m kind of kidding! I tried to stay out of the process beyond where I was invited into it, and that was from Kendra’s side,” Malika added. 

“I root for Kendra,” Malika said. “I root for what she wants. I root for her to succeed. Kendra getting the opportunity to work for the pinnacle network in sports television is a big deal. And so, because she wanted it, I wanted it for her.”

The sisters were also asked if working at the same network has altered their relationship. 

Malika told Glamour it hadn’t, and Kendra added, “If it hasn’t changed at this point when we were working for competing publications, then working for the same one will only bring us closer.”

“I don’t know if it’s possible,” Malika continued. “We’re weirdly close. I don’t know if I want to be any closer to you. If anything, it’s hard — how often do I even call you ‘Kendra’ when we’re not on TV? Like, maybe when I try to get your attention in public or when I’m mad at you?”

Kendra said they sometimes slip and call each other by their pet names, “K” for Kendra and “Meeks” for Malika. 

“The NBA Today viewers don’t need to see the full Andrews sisterhood on every show,” Malika added.