A suspect has been arrested and charged in the abduction of Ahrea'l Smith of Virginia, NBC News reports.

The Northumberland County Sheriff's office said the 28-year-old woman had been missing since Jan. 12. Tyrone Samuel, 50, was apprehended on Saturday, police said in a statement.

According to sheriff Johnny Beauchamp, Smith, who worked at the Little Sue convenience store in Claraville, Virginia, was closing the store when she went missing.

Surveillance footage saw the woman start up her vehicle at 9:05 p.m. After, she was seen momentarily entering another vehicle.

Smith then returned to the inside of the store and finished out the remaining closing duties, including setting the store’s alarm system and discarding trash. She took the trash to a dumpster behind the store and was no longer seen on camera.

The person who occupied the other car Smith had entered is not considered a suspect in the missing person’s case, according to Beauchamp.

FBI agents are now assisting in finding Smith. Businesses have helped raise reward money on behalf of her return. Her job, Little Sue, also made a contribution of $1,000 toward the search efforts. The reward money has since increased to $9,400, according to the New York Post.