Update (April 18, 2019): Kerry Lathan found himself back in prison after authorities arrested the 56-year-old on April 5 for associating with slain rapper Nipsey Hussle because of his affiliation with the Crips gang. According to Inside Edition, however, Lathan is expected to be released. The Department of Corrections (DOC) said Thursday it intends to drop the latest allegations against Lathan and instead ensure he walks free once again.

Lathan was shot alongside the late Hussle on March 31 and recently spoke about his final moments with the “Last Time That I Checc’d” artist from Men’s Central Jail.

“The gunman turned around the car and shot me, then shot Nipsey, and then shot my nephew,” Lathan recalled. “I didn't know what was going on; I fell on my stomach. All I could see was people's feet. I couldn't see nothing else. I said so they got it wrong if they talking about me being an eyewitness. What was I supposed to do? When I see a gun, I turn around and run. I don't stop and take a selfie of the gunman. It all happened in less than three minutes.”

While it remains unclear why the DOC suddenly decided to revoke his parole, ABC News reports it could have something to do with the slew of accolades and posthumous honors Hussle has received since his demise.

No word on when Lathan will officially be released, but TMZ reports it could be as early as Thursday afternoon.

Original: One of the two victims who was shot alongside Nipsey Hussle resulting in his death has been arrested for having "gang ties" to the deceased rapper.

As Blavity reported, Ermias "Nipsey Hussle" Asghedom unexpectedly dropped by his Marathon Clothing store on March 31 to gift a friend recently released from jail with some new clothing. Upon exiting his establishment, Hussle and two other men were shot several times by a disgruntled assailant.

All three men were rushed to a Los Angeles hospital where the Grammy-nominated artist died less than an hour later. The two remaining victims were treated and released.

Now, TMZ has revealed that one of the victims was arrested just five days after the tragic event.

Kerry Lathan, the intended recipient of Hussle's final good deed, has been accused of violating his parole by associating with the late philanthropist, businessman and musician, who was also a reputed Crip. 

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The 33-year-old was known to be a member of the Rolling 60s and an influential leader who encouraged the crew to expand their commercial pursuits outside of illegal activities. The father of two was honored for his contributions to the city and the world on Thursday with a monumental memorial at the Staples Center and a 25-mile procession through the streets of South Central Los Angeles.

Lathan, who is reportedly paralyzed in his legs as a result of the shooting, served 20 years in jail and was living at a halfway house while readjusting to society. He was arrested at the location five days after the shooting.

The 56-year-old is reportedly still in custody at the Los Angeles County Jail where the victims' suspected shooter, Eric Holder, is also being held. The 29-year-old was charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder, as Blavity reported.

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