The illegal combination of opioids, prescription pills, and cough syrup mixed with soda known as Lean or Syrup, has long been glorified by artists like Lil Wayne and Future. Well, now a dietary supplement manufacturer is looking to get a cut of that profit with a new product called Legal Lean. Marketed as "liquid relaxation," the makers of the drink claim that the product is safe for adults with all-natural ingredients such as melatonin, vitamins and St. John's wort. The new product, which is not FDA approved, has sparked outrage among Durham, NC parents and residents who say that the company is using Hip Hop to market Legal Lean to children.

Sandra Davis, a Durham local and mom to a 12-year-old, told ABC11, "When I looked at the video, I was outraged because they were marketing it through hip-hop and what do our children listen to all day? Hip Hop." Local activists agree that despite a disclaimer on the product's website stating, "These products are for adults (18+)," the marketing suggests otherwise.

In a statement released by Legal Lean, the manufacturer responded, "I think before they want to demonize the product it's best for them to try it themselves and do some research on the ingredients and see that they are safe and are just natural relaxation ingredients." ABC11 tracked down a store selling the two ounce bottle for $14. The clerk said the store was sold out, and wasn't sure when another shipment would arrive.

While no issues surrounding the product have been reported to Durham Police, we'll be keeping an eye out to see how this debacle unfolds.