During what may be his last post-game press conference, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch used his podium time to give advice to younger NFL players. 

After the Seahawks lost to the Packers 28-23, the athlete dodged questions, per usual, with elusive answers. Lynch, who came out of retirement to play the last week of regular-season games with the Seahawks, said his three-game return was “solid.” When asked whether or not he’ll come back to the gridiron, he told reporters “we’ll see,” NBC Sports reports

Lynch then led the press conference and instead of taking any more questions, he decided to use what may be his last podium appearance to advise younger NFL players. 

“It’s a vulnerable time for a lot of these young dudes, you feel me?” Lynch said. “They don’t be taking care of their chicken right. If they was me, or if I had the opportunity to let these young [guys] know something, I’d say take care of your money, African, because that s**t don’t last forever. Now, I done been on the other side of retirement and it’s good when you can get over there and you can do what the f**k you want to.”

This may mark the most the 33-year-old has ever spoken during a press conference. 

“So, while y’all at it right now, take care y’all bodies, take care y’all chicken, ya feel me, take care y’all mentals, cuz little we ain’t lasting that long,” Lynch said. “So start taking care of y’all mentals, y’all bodies and y’all chicken. And when y’all ready to walk away, you walk away and be able to do what you want to do.”

After sharing his wisdom, he thanked everyone for being there and walked off the stage, not granting any other questions. 

Many football fans shared their enjoyment of how he handled the podium. 

Lynch is credible on the topic of planning for retirement. In 2013, he created Beast Mode clothing brand, reports Sports Illustrated. He’s also opened restaurants, created a Facebook video series and has many endorsement deals, as Blavity previously reported. 

The former Oakland Raider has become notorious for his responses to press questions, often not giving the answer reporters are looking for and making his general disinterest in such pressers apparent. 

In 2015, he told reporters he only appeared at press conferences so “he doesn’t get fined" according to Los Angeles Daily News.