Dozens of disturbing videos have circulated in recent months of bigoted white people showing their ass — literally. Less than a week ago, a white woman called the police on a Latino man and his small child for entering an apartment building. A similar situation happened again on Friday. 

High school junior Taheera Rashad posted a video of a white woman blocking her from leaving her own apartment building in Maryland’s Montgomery County, all while the unidentified white woman's young grandchild screamed and begged her to stop the attack. 

Rashad said she was trying to get to class when the white woman refused to let her leave the building. In the video, we don't get to see exactly how the altercation began, but the white woman is seen on video stopping Rashad from exiting the front doors.

“White people are crazy as f**k,” Rashad is heard saying at the beginning of the video as she speaks into the camera. “Do you see her?”

In the footage, the older woman can be seen with her back pressed against Rashad in an attempt to prevent her from exiting her residence.

"I'm not letting you out of this building," the woman said.

"Who are you talking to on that phone? Is it a resident of this building" the woman shouted after she saw Rashad filming the assault.

The white woman repeatedly asked whether Rashad was a resident of the building before she finally lets go of the teenager and says, "You're going to go in and rob somebody."

While Rashad iterates multiple times the likelihood that she’ll “beat this woman’s ass,” miraculously, she does not. Kudos to her. 

Granny eventually got going before any ass-beating needed to take place.

Rashad did not respond to multiple outlets' requests for comment, but she wrote on Instagram that the white woman didn't think she lived there because most of the building's residents are white. 

The video went viral because of how egregious it was and because the woman did it in front of her grandchild, who repeatedly screamed "Nana, please," during the altercation. 

Many Instagram and Twitter users recounted their own experiences dealing with similar situations, and another woman who lived in the building said she was surprised by the situation. 

The woman has not been identified yet, but both Rashad and the woman's neighbor said they would be reporting the incident to the leasing office. 

"I’m gonna post this for today but to show you all that white people think they’re superior than everyone else and it’s not fair," Rashad wrote on Instagram.

"My mom has worked hard just like 90% of the white people who live here. Get a life," she added in the caption.