For over 150 years, HBCUs have produced many of the most educated and prominent Black leaders in the country. While HBCU graduates make up 3% of American college graduates, they produce 25% of all Black STEM graduates in the country. Empowering the next generation of Black leaders starts with investing in the success of HBCUs and its students.

As part of its $500 million, five-year commitment to advance racial equity and economic opportunity, Mastercard has launched new programs, initiatives and grants to provide financial literacy resources and career development opportunities to students at HBCUs. By partnering with institutions that drive inclusive growth within the Black community, Mastercard hopes to scale the critical role HBCUs play in developing the next generation of Black business leaders and innovators. By meeting directly with HBCUs through the In Solidarity work in cities across the United States, Mastercard is creating long-term partnerships to develop programs, financial tools and resources to position students for long term success.

Here are 5 Ways Mastercard Is Empowering HBCUs: