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Media Outlet Mistakes Kevin Hart For Another Famous Black Comedian Who Looks Nothing Like Him


According to Russian international news website and radio broadcast Sputnik News, It’s been a rough year for Chris Rock. The 2019 Academy Awards originally slated Rock… wait, y'all meant Kevin Hart, right?

The media company posted a now-deleted tweet with the headline, "Kevin Hart out as Oscars host amid row over gay jokes," alongside a picture of Rock.


Hart’s tweets came under fire on Tuesday shortly after he was announced as the upcoming host. The resurfaced tweets date back to 2009, where he questioned gay men “sweating” and called another user a "fat faced fag." In 2010, he tweeted that someone's profile picture looked "like a gay billboard for AIDS." Another tweet in 2011 stated that if he saw his son playing with his daughter's dolls, he would break it over his head and "say n my voice 'stop that's gay.'"

The tweets quickly gained media attention, leading to numerous LGBTQ members and allies speaking out against his actions, including Pose star Indya Moore.

Hart would have followed in the footsteps of many other comedians who’ve hosted the Oscars like Chris Rock and Richard Pryor and would have been the fifth Black person to take on the coveted role.

The 39-year-old originally addressed the controversy on his Instagram in a video.

"I'm not going to let the craziness frustrate me," Hart said.

He then posted another video saying that the Academy asked him to apologize, and he declined because it wasn't the first time he's acknowledged the tweets.

On Thursday, he tweeted about his decision to step down along with an apology to the LGBTQ community.

The news website has since corrected its mistake with an updated photo after getting blasted by Twitter users:

The error is just one of several instances in which Black celebrities who don't resemble each other in the least have been mistaken for one another by news outlets, stock photo agencies and award shows. Just a few weeks ago, Black Panther actress Danai Gurria was mistaken for How to Get Away with Murder star Viola Davis by multiple stock photo agencies.

Do better. 

Rock will be joining forces with Hart in the upcoming film Co-Parenting

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