The Houston based rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, took to Instagram Live to announce her plans to raise awareness for the environment and climate change.

Hot Girl Meg has been declaring the season a “Hot Girl Summer” since the release of her newest mixtape Fever. However, she is not playing when it comes to global warming and rising temperatures.

The H-Town Hottie took to instagram and twitter to share a few tips on how we can all be more responsible when it comes to protecting the environment. Megan suggested eco-friendly tips such as: cutting down on our rate of meat consumption, using reusable bags, and recycling amongst other things.

The rapper says she is currently working on organizing a beach clean up and a tree planting event. “I think imma organize a beach clean up for all the hotties and hot girls. Y’all gotta come in y’alls bikinis and we gon go clean up some sh*t.” she said on her instagram live.

Megan Thee Stallion’s consciousness has inspired many to get on their “Hot Girl Sh*t” and do their part to combat climate change.