Megan Thee Stallion is answering questions about her 2015 mugshot. The rapper went to Instagram Live after the photo showed up on the internet Tuesday.

According to The Source, the 24-year-old said she went to jail after getting into a fight with her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and had a baby with another woman. The rapper lost her cool after discovering the news at a concert.

“At the damn concert!” Megan said on Instagram. “Like, what a way for a b***h to find out your n***a cheated on you and had a baby … I was so mad, and you gotta know, my temper is bad.”

The ex-boyfriend also apparently broke Megan's phone while they were fighting in public. A witness then called the cops. 

“When I was ready to give it to him, the motherf***king police pull up when I’m punching … now the police are here and I look like the aggressor,” the rapper said.

The "Hot Girl Summer" artist described her relationship with her ex as toxic, but beautiful.

“I was maybe 19 or 20 and I had a real, beautiful toxic relationship. It was fun but it was bad," she said. "I was at South by Southwest and I found out at the concert my boyfriend had a baby. And the baby had been born and was one.”

After serving some time, the rapper said she has learned some important lessons.

"I ain't beating a n***a a*s no more," she said. "A n***a will quickly snitch on you and send you to jail. That's what I know now. So ladies if you hitting on your n***a, you need to stop b***h. If the law asks 'did you hit him?' he's gonna say 'yes.'"

According to the artist, jail "smells like pee."

"Jail is hell," she said. "It was the worst two days of my life." 

HotGirl Meg also reminded "hoes on the internet" to stay out of her business.

"If you don't like me, you ain't got to speak about me," she said. "You and your people, take that negativity that way. If I beat a n***a a*s, I beat a n***a a*s. I don't know why they put that s**t under family violence. That n***a not my family." 

According to TMZ,  the rapper's case was dismissed in 2016 because her ex-boyfriend didn't show for court and didn't press charges.